Gallenberger Dairy Records

A Certified and Independent Milk Testing Lab

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Gallenberger Dairy Records

Gallenberger Dairy Records is an independent, DHI certified, milk testing lab that is located in Kewaunee Wisconsin.  We provide accurate testing for milk components (butterfat, protein and solids), somatic cell count, Johne's disease, pregnancy testing, and we have a state-of-the-art Mastitis PCR Assay which identifies mastitis-causing bacteria from bovine milk in just four hours. We have the most reasonable rates and the fastest turn-around time in the industry, and very knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous staff to assist milk producers in optimizing milk production.

Gallenberger Dairy Records was established in 1982 by Harold and Diane Gallenberger.  Later joined in business by their son, Joe, they successfully operated and grew their milk testing business.  In 2003, Mike and Laura Gallenberger joined the business and continue to own and operate the business with Joe. 

Gallenberger Dairy Records proudly uses exclusively uses Bentley milk analysis machines which are made in the USA, and have set the worldwide standard for excellence.

In order to serve a wide variety of producers, in 2003 GDR became members of the North American Lab Managers Association and gained lab and field certification. This opened the door for official testing, and in 2004 GDR partnered with AgriTech Analytics to process records into the USDA for genetic evaluation. 

GDR continues to respond to the changing needs of the industry, so in 2006, we began offering testing for Johne's disease.  Then in 2010, the purchase of a PCR DNA machine transformed our small family-owned business, into a lab a bit like the TV show CSI!

In 2013, GDR began offering pregnancy testing as well.

Despite our growth in the number of employees, the technology of our machines, and the number and kinds of tests we do, every day we strive to offer the unparalleled accuracy and customer service that has been GDR's trademark since its beginning.